Product Philosophy

Continuously aiming at best-in-class product quality with investor interests and safety at core

We believe that the role of our products is to enable investors to access digital asset investment opportunities via regulated platforms built on traditional financial markets infrastructure that has been tried and tested over time.


ETC Group was founded in 2019 amidst a boom in interest for blockchain and digital assets paired with demand for investment solutions that would help capture the growth of cryptocurrencies conveniently and safely. As an issuer of investment and trading products, we create structures that reflect our background and experience in traditional financial markets. This is why all our ETPs feature structural safety features and a level of transparency that professional investors would expect from products that trade on regulated markets.

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Every investor should make up their own mind about the risks and opportunities of investing in crypto.

That said, we believe investors should be able to rely and trust in the products and markets through which they chose to invest. Fully regulated securities trading on major stock exchanges goes a long way in providing this.

This is especially advantageous for investors that do not want to engage with the technological challenges of managing their own blockchain wallets, or simply prefer keeping all their investments in one core place: their regular securities portfolio with a regulated online broker or bank.

Our product development approach is based on three core principles:

Core Principles of Product Design illustration
  • Integrity All market participants are fully regulated institutions
  • Transparency In structure and pricing
  • Safety In terms of custody and investor protection

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