Proof of Holdings

Since inception, ETC Group’s highest priority and focus has been transparency and investor protection.

ETC Group created the first centrally cleared Bitcoin ETP incorporating an additional investor protection mechanism into the product’s operational structure that is unique for ETP issuers: An independent transaction administrator was appointed to control and countersign all asset movements within the issuer of the ETP with legally enforceable veto rights over the movement of those assets. This independent administrator monitors and issues a weekly balance report on assets in custody, available to investors here on our website.

Every transaction and movement of funds is monitored

Learn how the Physical ETC Structure works

As stated in our prospectus, the Administrator must approve each operational transaction of the ETPs, in terms of custody (i.e. holdings in the respective cryptocurrency) and the number of securities issued. This means that neither ETC Group, nor issuers belonging to ETC Group, can move investors' cryptocurrencies without external consent. The possibility of misconduct or operational errors is thus reduced to a minimum.

The implementation of this additional security feature by ETC Group goes well beyond the EU Prospectus Regulation and the regulatory requirements for issuers. Another security feature: an independent trustee holds the security rights to the investors' crypto assets. This trustee is also named in the issuing prospectus of our ETPs. Both measures, i.e. the complete and independently verified deposit of the assets and the provision in case of insolvency minimise the issuer default risk to a minimum.

Learn how the Physical ETC Structure works

ETC Group only partners with leading providers of digital asset custody

BitGo logo

BitGo Trust pioneered multi-signature security in 2013 and, since then has become an industry standard in delivering institutional grade security solutions for digital assets.

Regulated & Certified

Being the first qualified custodian purpose-built for holding digital assets, BitGo Trust Company is an independent trust company regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking, and SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 certified.

Cold img Wallets

All ETP assets are kept in cold wallets. Cold wallets mean that the digital wallets are not connected to the internet. This protects the wallets from hacks, unauthorized access, and other vulnerabilities.

Multi-Signature img Security

Digital asset are stored using a multi-signature technology and can only be accessed when sharded keys held by separate entities are unities. This creates additional layers of security to protect investor funds.

Insured img

BitGo's $250 million custody insurance policy protects against third-party hacks, theft or dishonest acts by BitGo employees or executives as well as the loss of keys.

Coinbase logo

Coinbase Custody Trust Comany was founded in 2018 and is a custodian for digital assets. The company offers a secure, institutional-grade offline storage solution.

Regulated & Certified

Coinbase Custody is an independent qualified custodian and is a fiduciary under New York state banking laws. Coinbase custody is also the first crypto custodian to be issued both the SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 reports.

Cold img Wallets

All ETP assets are kept in cold wallets. Cold wallets mean that the digital wallets are not connected to the internet. This protects the wallets from hacks, unauthorized access, and other vulnerabilities.

Multi-Signature img Security

Coinbase Custody has developed its own first-class key generation protocol to generate cold storage addresses for custody wallets.

Insured img

Coinbase industry leading insurance policy protects both online and offline assets across all of Coinbase's products.

Komainu logo

Komainu is a European digital assets custodian that has been founded in 2018. It was specifically built to meet the requirements of institutional investors and asset managers for the safekeeping of digital assets.

Regulated &

Komainu (Jersey) Limited is a regulated and licensed custodian, with offices in Jersey, London, Dublin, Dubai, and Singapore and is regulated initially by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

Cold Wallet img Custody

ETP/ETC assets are kept in cold storage wallets also known as offline air-gapped wallets within Komainu's digital vault.

img Security

Komainu's digital assets custody features multi-layer security technology, eliminating single points of failure and insulating digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

Secure & img Certified

Komainu is backed by industry standard certifications and accreditations such as SOC 1 Type I and Type II certified (PwC audited).

Zodia logo

Zodia Custody (Ireland) Limited is a European digital assets custodian registered in the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg, underpinned by 160 years of institutional custody expertise thanks to the institutions backing the firm.

European & Custodian

Zodia is based in London and registered in the UK with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in Ireland with Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and in Luxembourg with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

Cold Storage img Custody

Zodia's cold storage custody wallets are fully segregated wallets in line with CASS principles.

Institutional-Grade img Security

The wallets have an involvency remote trust structure. Each wallet is cryptographically guaranteed for Proof-of-Ownership and Proof-of-Management, ensuring unparalleled security.

Secure & img Certified

Zodia custody features a bank-grade compliance & governance framework and is SOC 1 and ISO 27001 certified.