How To Buy Crypto:
Simple access through your regular
online broker or bank

Add crypto to your portfolio while using your existing account, or choose a new trading platform. Our products trade just like stocks or ETFs, and there is no special set-up required.

Popular brokers and banks

Note: The list above contains some of the more popular platforms. Please contact us in case you are not able to access or find our products on your trading platform.

Can’t find or access our products?

We are here to help

Get in touch with your online trading platform or your bank’s account manager in order to request access to our products. Always provide ISIN(s) and ticker(s) within your request.

If you have difficulties, send us an email with more information to We are happy to reach out to your online trading platform or bank to try sort the issue.

ETC Savings Plan

Build wealth in small steps: With a savings plan, you invest the same amounts on a regular basis. This way you can build wealth in the long term and thanks to the average cost effect (Also known as “Dollar-Cost Averaging”) you don't have to think about the perfect time to buy.

ETC Group has established partnerships with the following brokers in order to offer investors the benefit of savings plan programs: