ETC Group’s Mission Statement

Crypto is here to stay

We firmly believe that digital assets and blockchain represent a technological paradigm shift on par with the creation of the internet. The associated value creation from activity in this space will be on a similar scale. Our mission is to create regulated investment products to enable a broad church of investors to participate in this secular trend; focused on quality, innovation and safety.

At the nexus of traditional capital markets and digital assets 

With a successful track record of over three years, ETC Group believes that by harnessing the experience and knowledge of the traditional finance sector and applying it to this new and exciting asset class, we can provide best in class, institutional grade product to the market.

Providing free insights and education

ETC Group’s research team produces a variety of quaility and insightful content on a regular basis. Investors can subscribe to ETC Group’s reports and updates to stay informed about important developments in the crypto sector.