The History of ETC Group

The secret to success is purpose

ETC Group was created to provide investors with the tools to access the investment opportunities available in the digital assets and blockchain ecosystem. Now, with a successful track record of over three years, the company is one of the leading providers of investment solutions within this space.

What does ETC Group mean?

Let’s start with a frequently asked question: What does ETC in ETC Group actually stand for? There is a simple explanation. ETC Group was founded in 2019 in the belief that the investment community would want to be able to invest in digital assets such as bitcoin the same way stocks, commodity ETCs or ETFs can be accessed. Our mission, at first, was to create a financial product linked to bitcoin that would appeal to the private as well as professional investor alike, featuring all structural safety features investors would expect from products that trade on regulated markets. In 2020, we listed the world´s first centrally cleared bitcoin ETC on the on Deutsche Börse, Europe´s largest ETF trading venue.

By doing so, we have broadened the meaning of the term ETC (traditionally known as “exchange traded commodity” or “- currency”) by adding the “exchange traded cryptocurrency” designation which is now a widely used term for this type of digital assets linked financial products in Europe.

Over the past years, ETC Group has developed into a leading European digital asset management firm, pioneering in multiple areas of crypto exchange traded products such as the launch of the first listed crypto basket product tracking an index by MSCI.

  • ETC Group is the First German Domiciled Crypto ETP Issuer
  • First Crypto ETP listing on Deutsche Börse XETRA
  • First Krypto Basket ETP based on an MSCI index
  • First Centrally cleared Bitcoin ETP in the world
  • Europe’s first Metaverse themed ETF launched with our equity partner HANetf

ETC Group believes crypto is a once in a generation opportunity

  • The most transformative socio-economic change this century

    The most transformative socio-economic change this century

    Crypto offers a way to organise and incentivise humans in a decentralized fashion through superior technology: the “base currency” of the internet, making it possible to move value instantly and globally.

  • Amplifying Transformation

    Amplifying Transformation

    Crypto represents a natural evolution, uniquely amplifying transformations that have been taking places in recent decades, such as the shift to self-sovereignty through digital identity and decentralization.

  • It's still early

    It's still early

    Low penetration today with large institutions although this is changing rapidly evidenced by the significant investments being made by the world’s largest financial institutions and central markets infrastructure providers.

  • A new Super Cycle

    A new Super Cycle

    Digital assets are in a secular trend and ETC Group has taken a first mover advantage with products that will provide institutional-grade access to crypto growth until mass adoption and true interoperability between securities and digital assets takes hold.

ETC Group’s achievements at a glance

The ETC Group MSCI Digital Assets Select 20 ETP lists on Deutsche Börse XETRA
The ETC Group Global Metaverse Equity UCITS ETF lists on the London Stock Exchange
Listing of physical ETCs on Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Tezos and Stellar
The ETC Group Blockchain & Digital Assets Equity UCITS ETF lists on the London Stock Exchange
ETC Group hits the 2billion $ AUM high-water mark
ETC Group hits the 1.5billion $ AUM high-water mark
Eurex, Europe’s largest derivative exchange launches futures on BTCE - the first crypto derivatives contract in Europe
ETC Group lists its product suite on Wiener Börse in Austria
BTCE is the first European Bitcoin ETP to go carbon neutral
ETC Group lists its Bitcoin and Ethereum ETCs on Euronext Paris and Amsterdam
ETC Group launches ELTC, the first physically backed Litecoin ETP on Deutsche Börse XETRA
ETC Group launches ZETH on Deutsche Börse XETRA, the first centrally cleared physically backed ETP on Ethereum
ETC Group surpasses 1billion $ AUM for the first time
BTCE enters the Swiss market with the listing on SIX Swiss Exchange
BTCE grows to 100mio AUM in just over four months from listing
BTCE is listed on Deutsche Börse XETRA on June 18th, making it the first ever Bitcoin ETP to list on the largest ETF trading venue in Europe
ETC Group receives approval on June 4th from the German regulator BaFin to launch the ETC Group Physical Bitcoin - the world´s first centrally cleared Bitcoin ETP (Exchange Traded Product)
ETC Group is formed by the founding partners to provide institutional-grade, 100% asset-backed cryptocurrency exchange traded products (ETPs)