ISO 27001

Security at the Core
of our Business

Security at the Core of our Business

At ETC Group, our mantra has always been “best-in-class” with regards to product and process. All decisions are made with this in mind which has lead to some unique innovations in product structuring such as an independent administrator with veto rights over crypto movements and conducting regular verification of assets, coupled with an independent trustee holding a pledge over these assets backing our ETPs.

As part of our journey to continue to set the gold standard for security and transparency in our industry, our UK management company, overseeing our issuer in Germany, has met the exacting international standard of ISO/IEC 27001:2017. This best-in-class certification is not easily achieved and requires hard work and time dedicated across business processes and practices.

The ETC Group Information Security Policy is available upon request.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001:2017 is the leading international standard on information security with certification holders being rigorously audited to ensure they follow the needed procedures and policies to meet the highest information security management standards. The auditor for ETC Group was the British Assessment Bureau, one of the largest certification authorities around.

What it means for investors

Digital Asset Management is a relatively nascent area in the field of financial services, and crypto ETPs are one of the most exciting growth and innovation areas in exchange traded products. However, due to the asset class being quite new, it’s not a given that all providers in the space would adhere to the same standards as the broader and more traditional firms in financial services. ETC Group continuously works to adhere to financial services best practice in the digital asset management domain, and we thank the investment community for the trust it has put in our company as a platform for efficient and secure investing.