Savers with comdirect can now invest in the world’s most traded Bitcoin ETP and other crypto assets from ETC Group

Savers with comdirect can now invest in the world’s most traded Bitcoin ETP and other crypto assets from ETC
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Comdirect offers new crypto savings plans featuring ETC Group’s digital asset backed ETCs including Bitcoin , Ethereum , Bitcoin Cash , Cardano , Litecoin , Polkadot , Solana and Tezos

Frankfurt, Germany, 25 January 2022 ETC Group (, Europe’s leading specialist provider of institutional-grade digital asset-backed securities, and HANetf, who market ETC Group’s products, announce today that they have partnered with comdirect to provide retail investors in Germany with savings plans backed by ETC Group’s market leading crypto ETC’s, including the world’s most traded Bitcoin ETP. [1]

The cooperation with comdirect – eine Marke der Commerzbank AG, one of the top market leaders in the German market for digital asset management, enables plans for investors to regularly save in assets to accumulate long term investments. Retail investors can now access savings plans on comdirect’s investment platform backed by ETC Group’s market leading crypto ETCs including Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot, Solana and Tezos.

Rene Delrieux, Product Manager Investing comdirect – eine Marke derCommerzbank AG, said:

The recent expansion of ETC Group's product range goes hand in hand with the high level of investor interest in cryptocurrencies. With immediate effect, our customers can therefore purchase the majority of the ETC Group's crypto offering from us not just as a one-off investment but also as a Savings Plan.

Bradley Duke, founder and co-CEO of ETC Group, said:

We’re delighted to partner with comdirect, one of the largest retail brokers in Germany, to provide another way for retail investors to access crypto-based securities in a secure and regulated environment. This partnership is further evidence of investment shifts towards cryptocurrency, with retail investors also wanting a range of digital asset options that we’re able to provide though our crypto ETCs covering Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot, Solana and Tezos.

Andre Voinea, Head of DACH at HANetf commented:

2021 was another strong year for cryptos and retail investors now have a wide range of ETCs available on regulated stock exchanges offering exposure. For long-term investors, Saving Plans can be an ideal tool to integrate cryptos into their portfolios. We are proud to have partnered with a reputable partner such as comdirect which will allow us to reach a broad range of investors in Germany.

ETC Group has pioneered the digital asset management industry by providing institutional quality, 100% collateralised digital asset backed securities. The ETCs provide investors with significant benefits over direct investment in digital assets, including:

Simple trading, with no digital wallet required Investors can buy and sell like any stock or ETF through their regular broker or bank. No new account needed, products have a ticker and ISIN and can be added to an investor’s conventional stock portfolio.

Institutional-grade asset custody The underlying digital asset is kept in cold-storage at a regulated custodian, and all assets are secured by an independent trustee, thus eliminating issuer default risk, a common feature for physical ETC structures.

100 % backed & physical redemption Investors are legally entitled to the underlying digital asset, and can redeem the ETC for the сryptocurrency, alternatively to selling on exchange, hence providing pure exposure to the underlying.

Regulated and listed on major exchanges Issued in Germany under German regulatory oversight, the ETCs’ primary listings are on XETRA, the largest ETF exchange in Europe.

[1]Bloomberg, historical bid-ask spread analysis

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