Physical ETC Structure

How it works
1Investor places buy order for ETC securities
2Broker uses existing inventory or buys ETC securities from AP for cash
3AP sources cryptocurrency or uses existing inventory for subscription with the Issuer
4AP places order with Issuer and transfers cryptocurrency to the custodian
Administrator needs to check and sign-off on every transaction
5Once both Issuer and Administrator have verified that cryptocurrency has settled in the custody account, the Issuer instructs the Depo Bank to send ETC securities to the AP
Administrator needs to check and sign-off on every transaction
6AP settles with broker and investor receives ETC securities
1Investor places sell order for ETC securities
2Broker settles ETC securities with AP
3AP delivers ETC securities to the Issuer’s account with the Depo Bank
Administrator needs to check and sign-off on every transaction
4Only after ETC securities have been received by the Issuer, cryptocurrency is sent to AP
Administrator needs to check and sign-off on every transaction
5AP sells cryprocurrency or keeps as inventory for future orders
6AP settles cash with broker and investor receives cash

Trading on Regulated Exchanges

Buying and selling our ETCs on exchange takes place through your brokerage account in the same way you would buy or sell conventional shares or ETFs. No need to manage any crypto-wallet, simply search for our product codes on your broker platform, ask your bank, or get in touch with us for more information.

High Regulation Standards

Authorised Participants (APs) provide liquidity on exchange and use the creation/redemption mechanism with the Issuer. These APs are regulated financial institutions within the EU and EEA, and through their appointment the Issuer ensures that all cryptocurrency that you invest in through the ETCs comes from regulated sources.

Secure Cold-Storage

At all times, the Issuer holds cryptocurrency in secure institutional-grade, cold-storage custody to 100% back the issued ETCs. The independent Administrator was appointed by the Issuer to monitor and sign-off on each transaction. This ensures that no mistakes can happen, and no funds can be misappropirated.

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